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Valuation and Litigation Support

MBA provides business valuation and litigation services for various types of engagements.  Our professionals have extensive experience as expert witnesses in fraud, divorce, embezzlement, property settlement, economic damages and other litigation cases.  We also provide top notch business valuation services for clients in the areas of selling, buying, gifting, and shareholder disputes.  In addition, we are qualified and have the necessary experience to perform purchase price allocations and to value goodwill for impairment testing. 

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  • Litigation Support & Expert Witness – Provides assistance to attorneys and clients in preparing for and consummating litigation, including testimony as an expert witness.  Litigation analysis can involve economic damages, business valuation, forensic accounting, critique of opposing expert witness’ analyses and reports, and assistance to attorneys with case strategy and examination/cross examination of expert witnesses.
  • Forensic Accounting – Investigative accounting which can involve fraud and embezzlement analysis, finding hidden assets, tracing the use and disposition of money and assets, and presenting the findings via report and/or expert witness testimony.
  • Economic Damages –Estimates the economic damages in both personal and business loss litigation and provide expert witness testimony in regard to the damages’ estimates.  MA also reviews and critiques damages reports of experts on the opposing side of the litigation.  MA has considerable experience working with both plaintiffs and defendants.
  • Business Valuation – Establishes the appropriate value of a business, partnership, corporation, limited liability company and related ownership interests.  The resultant values are used for litigation, divorce and property settlements, business buy-sell agreements, estate planning and reporting, gifting, business disputes, business and ownership interest sale and transfer purposes, and business and ownership interest disputes.  Frequently this involves expert witness testimony.
  • Financial Reporting Valuation – Provides fair value financial reporting assistance (under SFAS 157, SFAS 141R, SFAS 142, and SFAS 123R), including purchase price allocation analyses and reports upon completion of a merger or acquisition, goodwill and intangible asset impairment testing analyses and reports on an annual basis, and stock option valuations and reports, as required by U.S. accounting standards (FASB Accounting Standards Codification).
  • Stock Option Valuation – Stock option valuation and reports in compliance with both SFAS 123R and IRC 409A


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