“Save on Expert Witness”

Those involved in litigation know all too well how expensive it can be. For the clients it can look daunting. When it is necessary to engage experts a whole additional level of costs and fees can arise. In these challenging economic times, it can be even more difficult for the attorney to hold the line on costs. So if the case needs experts, how can they be used without becoming prohibitively expensive? The most important aspect of working with an expert is communication. Just as good, clear communication can assist in a smooth running of a case, it is equally important in working with an expert. Be sure that from the outset the expert is aware of all relevant dates; not just the trial, but the deadline for reports, depositions, discovery, and important case dates, such as the date of occurrence, valuation, triggering events, etc. It is important to keep the expert informed, especially if relevant dates change, the case strategy changes, new arguments or theories arise, or new facts come to light. The more the expert is informed, the more he or she can stay on top of the case and make quick changes if necessary, avoiding the need [...]

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