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Business valuation creates a highly detailed and complex analysis of value of an ownership interest in a business. Our valuation analysts are experts in their niche field and consider the many factors – large and small – to determine the correct standard of value to use and to determine how to quantify risk & return rates.

This is a complex task that requires knowledge, skill, and experience – all of which Meridian Advantage can provide. It takes more than just a quick class to understand the complexities of business valuation and each of its factors. Correct and thorough business valuation reports require the use of proper analyses, expert methodology, years of working experience, plenty of classroom hours, and highly advanced credentials, all of which Meridian Advantage provides.

Why Value a Business Enterprise?

Business interests, including minority interests, controlling interests, total equity value, and enterprise value frequently need a value affixed for business transfers, sales, owner withdrawals, new owner admissions, gifting, estate reporting, marital dissolutions, divorce planning, and business disputes – just to name a few.

Meridian Advantage provides three different types of reports for business valuation.

Our professionals will analyze your company’s financial statements, tax returns, industry and economy to craft a more comprehensive report. This is the most commonly used report.

Summary Report

Calculation Letter

Meridian Advantage will collect the most recent five years’ tax returns and limited financial statements and provide the calculations of value for your company. This mode is the least complex & least costly business valuation report.

This report requires an in-depth review of the economy, industry, and financial information of the company. The detailed report is the most complex and time consuming of the three Meridian Advantage offers.

Detailed Report

*Please note that the type of report needed for your business valuation is dependent on the purpose of the valuation and the parties involved. Our professionals can ensure that you get the level of report that suffices for your needs.

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