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Litigation Support &

Expert Witness Consulting

Litigation support and expert witness testimony is often utilized in economic damage cases, lost earnings analyses, divorces, and business disputes – all of which we specialize in at Meridian Advantage. Our experienced professionals also assist trial attorneys with case analyses and strategies to perform forensic accounting analyses, economic loss estimation, lost profits/income, and much more.
Meridian Advantage doesn’t just provide sufficient litigation support. We accompany that with years of experience that you can have confidence in to present to the trier of fact as an expert witness. As an expert witness in litigation support, you can trust us to provide relevant documents, prepare complex analyses, and have the ability to provide expert and credible conclusions to a judge and/or jury. Not everyone is able truly qualify as an expert, but Meridian Advantage professionals can – and do.

Our litigation professionals have the credibility, experience, and credentials that are second to none. With experience in forensic accounting and extensive experience testifying under extreme scrutiny on State and Federal court levels, you’re sure to have the absolute best professional firm.

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